We are actively involved in political processes to foster relationships with a wide array of departments and agencies, not dependent on a particular political affiliation, to enable us to have access to the key decision makers. Our relationships focus on state and local government, Congress, the U.S. Senate, the White House, and numerous key executive departments and agencies.


We provide full-service procurement and strategic representation before federal, state, and local governments and other decision-making bodies on airport, seaport, rail, bridge and road projects. We represent clients on project bids and have an expertise in public-private partnerships (P3). We assemble the design, construction, management, operations, and financing teams using extensive connections in the public and private sectors.


We represent bidders on public works projects for water treatment, wastewater treatment, natural gas, IT telecommunications and alternative energy projects before local, state and federal agencies. This includes public-private partnerships (P3) that represent opportunities to not only to win construction bids but create enterprises that produce revenue streams.


We counsel technology and communication infrastructure companies on their efforts to win contracts, enter markets and seize upon value-add opportunities. We foster collaboration among hardware and software developers and communications providers to create solutions that meet the increasing demands of the public and private sectors for systems that are fast, reliable and secure. We guide clients through the fact-finding and RFP process and help them develop strategic partnerships that increase opportunities within their fields of expertise and that open doors to new opportunities as well as new markets.


We provide bidding, contract negotiation and consulting services for private companies seeking construction and real estate management contracts. We bring together architects, engineers, project managers and construction firms, presenting the optimal value opportunity. And we advise clients on barriers to entry, new-market strategies, and the identification and creation of appropriate contracting vehicles.

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