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Government Affairs Consulting provides business, project consulting and lobbying services for clients seeking strategic representation before various local, state and federal government departments and agencies.

We work closely with clients to understand their goals and objectives; we monitor and adjust strategy based on market conditions and dynamic forces that stakeholders create. We provide timely updates on developments and define near-and long-term goals, refining strategies as needed.

We understand government, legislative and regulatory processes and our staff has extensive experience in assisting clients in the resolution of issues arising from the complex relationships which evolve when business and government interact. Clients facing critical issues often require advisors and advocates with sophisticated financial, technical and business experience. Our clients rely on us as an extension of their core team to provide strategic advice and comprehensive solutions.

We remain politically active in order to maintain relationships with various governmental entities. In order to assure that we can serve all of our clients effectively, we foster relationships that are not dependent on political affiliation.

Government Affairs Consulting (GAC) personnel are highly skilled tacticians. Many of them have worked in their industries for decades. Our firm specializes in supporting lawyers and law firms for government relations, lobbying and public affairs needs. Because we are not lawyers, attorneys and law firm clients have the comfort, assurance and security that their client relationships are not at risk.

Representations include, but are not limited to, procurement, bids and contracts, matters related to regulation, lobbying, enforcement, licensing, administrative proceedings, and retention for ongoing consulting.

Al Maloof

Al Maloof


For more than 25 years, Mr. Maloof has provided strategic and business advice for projects in transportation and infrastructure, procurement, public policy and government relations for corporations, institutions, associations and individuals. Mr. Maloof’s expertise encompasses all aspects of local, state and national government, public sector business, as well as the specialized development of real estate. He has been involved in major projects, valued in the billions of dollars, and employing thousands of individuals.

Key specialty sectors include A&E, aviation, seaports, construction, transportation and infrastructure build-out including vehicle fleets and fuel conversions, water & wastewater, rail and bus, communications, energy, public safety, security, technology & automation.

Maloof has worked on projects and with corporate clients and affiliates both domestically as well as internationally. These projects involved organizations from across the world, and involved projects valued in excess of $50 billion dollars and employed thousands of individuals. Numerous companies were engaged in a myriad of sectors and industries, and intersected with the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Asia.

He started his public sector career after being appointed to the Miami Dade County Planning Advisory Board. He then was accepted to serve in Miami Dade’s County Manager training program. Subsequently, he served the people during graduate school at the University of Miami, ultimately working with analysts and advisors in Miami Dade’s Office of Performance Improvement (OPI). Thereafter, he was appointed by the Governor of the State of Florida on the post-election transition team, and subsequently tasked to assess the operations of the Florida Department of Transportation.  Mr. Maloof worked to re-engineer policy and oversight of projects related to roadways, railways, ITS, and alternative delivery methods and technology, which ultimately resulted in a newly restructured department. He was appointed by the FDOT Secretary to serve on the Florida Transportation Plan Steering Committee, advising on the state’s multimodal transportation.

Mr. Maloof served as chairman of the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX) Operations Committee, was a member of the Executive Committee and the Intergovernmental/Communications and the Policy & Planning Committees prior to retiring in 2013. MDX operates and maintains the planning, designing, funding, construction, procurement, contracts and operation of the county’s toll roads and highways.

Over the last quarter century, Mr. Maloof has served on numerous official boards, committees and task forces, including review commissions, planning boards, transition teams, guaranty funds, and oversight and advisory bodies. He served on the Miami-Dade County Performance & Efficiency Commission, which reviewed the operations, processes, structure and procedures of one of the largest regional governments in the United States, with a budget of $7.6 billion.

He received a state cabinet level appointment, and serving as Vice Chair of an insurance guaranty fund along with Florida’s Insurance Commissioner, and other officials. He also was a Board Member and Chairman of the largest regional statutory local planning and land use agency in Florida, and served on the County’s only quasi-judicial law enforcement board, later becoming chairman.

Mr. Maloof is a member of the American Public Transportation Association, serving on numerous committees and panels including procurement, bus, rail, government affairs, legislative and member services. He is also member of the Design Build Institute of America transportation and water/wastewater sections, as well as numerous other industry and community organizations.

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