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Maloof was appointed in 2009 to the Miami Dade Expressway Authority board of directors, serving as chairman on the intergovernmental/communications and policy & planning committees during a four-year term. The state-local agency oversees the operations of the five busiest expressways in county. As a volunteer member, he helped set policy regarding road improvements and tolls. The MDX has entered in P3 agreements to fund construction of projects such as a $568 million interchange.

He also served on the 2025 Florida Transportation Plan Steering Committee, which was charged in the mid-2000s with setting goals and objectives and writing a plan to meet the state’s future transportation needs, and seek public and private partnerships.

Maloof was named to the Florida governor’s transition team in 2010 to review the operations of the Florida DOT. His knowledge and experience was integral to the examination of roadways and tolls, railways, intelligent transportation systems, projects alternative delivery methods and technology. As a result, the department was restructured.

The Florida DOT later appointed him to serve with the state assistant secretary of transportation for policy and planning on the Florida Transportation Plan Steering Committee. That group advised the governor’s office on developing the state’s multimodal transportation plan.

And Maloof served the Miami-Dade County Performance & Efficiency Commission, which reviewed the government unit’s operations, processes, structure and procedures. The county is one the largest regional governments in the United States, with an annual budget of over $7 billion.

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